Research Programm Context

Technological change and digital networking have a decisive influence on our working world. Work on and with people, in which human interaction is the main focus, will also change. The increasing support provided by digital applications as well as machines and robots will open up new opportunities. However, people will also face new challenges, as technological innovations influence social interaction.

The BMBF funding priority »Working on and with people« aims to develop approaches for redesigning workflows and processes in order to enable in future good interactive work.

Three research priorities are in the spotlight here: methods and instruments for working on and with people in times of digital change, the design and accompanying analysis of business models of interactive work, and the development of new forms of organizing internal cooperation and leadership. The approaches will be tested in a pilot project and will be further developed on a broad basis.

Further Information of the German Federal Ministry Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF): Arbeiten an und mit Menschen

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