Current Situation

The radical change in the field of work due to ever faster automation, digitalisation and the use of intelligent machines has long since affected not only the production sector, but increasingly also work on and with people. Especially in care sector, various general problems become more acute: 1st problems of security and trust (if, for example, interpersonal interaction is substituted or supplemented by machines), 2nd problems of privacy and control (e.g. through the monitoring and storage of individual health data) and 3rd problems regarding the evaluation and distribution of rationalisation and digitisation gains (for example, efficiency gains being captured by profit interests). In our opinion, one of the elementary causes of these problems is a one-sided application of efficiency logics.

For this reason, we believe that the application of »anti-efficiency logics« is necessary, and they need to be implemented in technologies right from the beginning. These »anti-efficiency logics« can be understood as logics that take account of emotions, relationship quality and other "soft" factors, such as the mood of people in need of care or the job satisfaction of care staff.

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